Stefan Podolczuk (YogaStef)


After having practiced yoga since 2008, he has been able to realise a healthy body, mind and spirit and that all people are entitled to this too.

He can share this with you if you are ready and open. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. We all have this inner teacher, intuition. It speaks in very clear language, sensations and as we become more subtle we can hear the voice of our inner teacher and work together ever more clearly.

The blockages to this incredible entitlement can be removed through various physical practices. Stef has removed a lot of his and now finds that instead of spontaneous and lasting depressive states he used to experience, he now enjoys spontaneous moments of bliss!

He is gentle, warm and encouraging. He can show you how to be patient, loving and fully accepting of the amazing body you call home. His emphasis is on what you can do, and letting go of what you can’t/ what is not necessary.

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