Ruth Tansey


Ruth’s journey with yoga began many years ago, taking classes at various locations across Manchester, but never finding the one that suited her needs, that was until she found Ekhart Yoga and began to practice daily with Ester Ekhart in the comfort of her own home. Ruth found Ekhart Yoga at a time when she was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, which led to symptoms of IBS. Starting her day every day in this manner changed her whole outcome on life, gave her energy, reduced her stress levels and brought her joy. Her outlook changed, she saw things differently, a new perspective arose, she grew deeper within herself and embraced this new found freedom. Freedom from her stress and anxiety, her confused mind and often low mood.


Ruth’s approach to yoga comes from a place of well-being. She encourages you to listen to your body, to take rest when needed, to focus on you and you only whilst you do your practice, not to be concerned with what anyone else is doing. To be grateful and happy with where you are right now with your practice. Her moto ‘the strongest trees take the longest to grow’ Her encouragement throughout your class will inspire you to keep going with your yoga journey, self discovery and health.


Ruth set up her business in 2011, opening a health clinic focused initially on the physical aspects of health and well being with Nutrition Therapy and Colonic Hydrotherapy. She now works with clients on both the physical and emotional aspects of their health through well-being coaching and yoga. Ruth was encouraged to go deeper into the emotional releases that Yoga brings. She embarked on her first Yoga teacher training with the renowned Paul Dallaghan, the most incredibly inspiring teacher. Learning skills in meditation, pranayama, Asthanga and Hatha yoga. Ruth was excited to bring these skills to her existing client base as well as expand them to new clients in need of help with wellness and especially the emotional aspects of healing.


Integrating all her skills is what Ruth is so passionate about. Her focus is entirely on health and well being. Supporting others to recover from illnesses just like she did. When you take one of Ruth’s classes you will be encouraged to deeply relax, to let go, to focus on ‘you’ what ‘you’ can do to make your life better, to improve your health and well-being. She will also challenge you with your strength and flexibility, whilst bringing some fun and freedom to your yoga practice. Ruth is very passionate to encourage everyone to do yoga, not just the flexible people! She wants everyone to feel welcome, nurtured and inspired to make the changes needed to create their perfect life.

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